Security in communication networks

Special workshop on security in communication networks focuses not only on improving the security of existing communication networks, but also on their security risks. Security issues and solutions at all layers of the OSI reference model are welcome. The workshop also focuses on optical sensors, both fiber and wireless.

For this special session we have confirmed 3 excelent speakers:

Ondřej Číp from the Czech Acamy of Science, Title: “Optical frequency transfer over long-haul fibre links

Francesco da Ros from DTU, Title: “Machine Learning in Photonics

Oskars Ozolins from RISE, Title: “Intelligent Error Vector Magnitude Estimation and Monitoring in Coherent Optical Networks“; Co-atuhors: Yuchuan Fan(1)(2), Xiaodan Pang(1)(2), Aleksejs Udalcovs(2), Carlos Natalino(3), Richard Schatz(1), Marija Furdek(3), Sergei Popov(1), Oskars Ozolins(1)(2);

(1) KTH Royal Institute of Technology, (2) RISE, (3) Chalmers University of Technology

IoT Networks

Special workshop on IoT and 5G in communication networks.