After the successful workshops in Moscow (2010), Budapest (2011), St. Petersburg (2012), Almaty(2013), Brno (2015), Lisbon (2016), Munich (2017) and Sarajevo (2019), we will continue this year with a workshop. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the conference will be in a hybrid format. The location of physical event is Ljubljana (Slovenia).

The primary goal of FOAN 2021 is to bring together and present the latest research in the field of fiber optics technologies. The idea behind the workshop is to create opportunity to learn new things by gathering scientists and experts from academia, industry and operators in the field that will during the workshop share their knowledge, experience, and ideas.

As previously years, the FOAN2021 processing will be sent to be published in IEEE Xplore.

Invited and Keynote speakers 2021

Philippe Chanclou, Team manager at Orange Labs – Fixed Access
Networks, France
Ana González, Director of Strategic Partnerships at iPRONICS, Spain
Thomas Lagkas, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, International Hellenic University, Greece

Anis Maslo, Specialist data analaysis, BH Telecom Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ondřej Číp, Head of Coherence Optics Department, Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Denis Khotimsky, DMTS – Dept. of Network Planning, Verizon Communications, USA

Julie Kunstler, Principal Analyst, Next Generation Infrastructure,
Tracey Vanik, Head of Photonics Market Research at EPIC, France
Francesco Da Ros, Senior Researcher, Department of Photonics Engineering,
DTU, Denmark

Oskars Ozolins, Senior Scientist, Kista High-speed Transmission Lab (Kista HST-Lab), RISE, Sweden
Jakup Ratkoceri, Director, FTTx Networks at Technetix; Lecturer at
UBT, Kosovo / Holland

Ioannis Tomkos, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Greece